COVID-19 Statement

SkalCon 2020 is still on for Sept 18-20.

Physical Convention Cancellation Conditions

  • There are government mandates that ban gatherings of our size.
  • We feel it would be unsafe for our attendees to gather, given the latest guidance from health organizations.

We will announce any cancellation of the physical convention at least one week prior to the convention’s starting date.

Any Online Skalcon Convention will be announced within one week of the cancellation decision.

Cancellation Policy

If SkalCon 2020 is cancelled OR if you cannot attend for any reason, you may select one of the options for your registration:

  • Use your registration to attend an Online SkalCon Convention (if applicable)
  • Change your registration into a donation to 10,000 Lakes Gaming (a 501(c)(3) charity).
    • These donations will be used to donate to Tubman, or cover hotel cancellation fees (if they exist).
  • Forward your registration to SkalCon 2021.
  • Request a refund of your registration.

Health and Safety

Volunteer and attendee safety are our top priority. We will update these guidelines as we receive more health and safety information for holding in-person events.

In general, SkalCon will aim to provide attendees with a safe convention space.

Attendee Guidelines

  • If you are ill, DO NOT ATTEND. Please see the above ‘Cancellation Policy’ to forward, donate, or refund your registration.
  • Wearing a mask while in attendance is encouraged.
  • Sanitize hands after touching shared game components (dice, minis).
    • We suggest having one designated ‘mini mover’ to avoid excess touching.
  • Avoid touching your face after handling any dice.