To achieve our donation goals, we have items and services available via guest tables, silent auctions, prize raffles, and our convention vendors.

Guest Tables

This year, guest tables will have a flat, additional donation to play at them. Simply sign-up for a guest table and pay the donation, and you’re set for that person’s table! You’ll see all of this on the registration site. See our current guests here.

Silent Auction & Prize Raffle

We’ll have an exciting collection of physical prizes and services available in the silent auction and prize raffle. Raffle tickets will be $5.

Have something you think would make a great auction or raffle prize? Email to donate it! Item donations will be tax deductible!


We’ll have a few vendors setting up shop at the convention. They will be donating to SkalCon, so feel free to shop around.

Interested in being a vendor? Let us know at