Our special guests include Starfinder Society Developer Thurston Hillman, Organized Play Manager Tonya Woldridge, and authors Clinton Boomer, Jaye Sonia, and Jenny Jarzabski!

Premium Tables

Our guests will be running Premium Tables as part of our fundraising efforts!

What’s a premium table? Instead of holding a raffle for guest tables, you may purchase a spot at one of the guest tables at the convention. This is all done within the registration site.

Thurston Hillman will be running a table of SFS 1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion (3-4), and three tables of 1-98 Into the Perplexity (Only the second convention that this exclusive has ever been run at!).

OPM Tonya Woldridge will be running four tables of the retired scenario #9: Eye of the Crocodile King.

Author Clinton Boomer will be running a table of his retired scenarios!

Authors Jaye Sonia and Clinton Boomer will be running stories in Bloodlines and Black Magic.

Author Jenny Jarzabski will be running one of her PFS scenarios, In the Grandmaster’s Name, and one of her SFS scenarios, The Solar Sortie!