A Call for GMs!

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We are now calling for volunteers to help with the SkålCon 2017! But – we are changing things up this year. Rather than selecting individual scenarios at certain times, we are providing a form through which you can volunteer to Run PFS games, SFS games, ACG, or volunteer at the HQ. The offerings this year will be limited to all… Read more »

SkålCon Registration Is Open!

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That’s right, registration for SkålCon 2017 is open! Click on over to our registration.skalcon.org, login or create an account, and register for the SkålCon 2017 event! At the registration site you’ll find our current schedule of tables, including premium guest events, the area’s premiere for Starfinder Society, and the season 9 interactive special. Fundraising At SkålCon Our goal is the same as last… Read more »