SkålCon 2018 Updates!

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SkålCon 2018 is less than a month away! While we’ve been busy preparing for the convention (and getting some Pathfinder Playtesting in), here is a wide-ranging set of updates about the convention! Our Guests We have an amazing roster of guests who will be attending SkålCon this year, including: Tonya Woldridge, Paizo Organized Play Coordinator Thurston Hillman, SFS Developer Clinton Boomer,… Read more »

Registration for SkålCon 2018 is now open!

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SkålCon 2018 is open for business! Head to the registration site to register now! We’re still working on the event schedule, so individual sessions are not yet available in the application. But still, please consider pre-registering early – we still have a discount on processing fees until approximately 6/28/2018. It’s still only $20 to pre-register, and we’ll keep you all in… Read more »

SkålCon is almost here! Time for Logistics.

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SkålCon is almost here! Are you excited!? (We hope the answer is yes). Here’s some logistics about arrival, what to expect, and what to do when you get here – all in everyone’s favorite form of an FAQ. What time does registration open each day? Friday at 4:30 pm, Saturday at 8:00 am, and Sunday at 10:30 am. Registration will… Read more »

Food Drive!

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Just like last year, we’re putting together a food drive to support Tubman! Please bring non-perishable food items for donation. Desired items are things like canned fruits, vegetables, soup, and dry goods (pasta, rice, etc.). As always with food items, we can only accept unopened items in their original packaging. Not only will you get those warm-fuzzies for donating, but… Read more »

Vendors At SkålCon

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SkålCon is almost here! In addition to fun auctions or raffles that you can participate in (or donate to), we also have vendors at the convention! These vendors donate a portion of their profits to SkålCon’s donation totals, so please take some time to visit with them and check out their wares. This year we have with us: Big Soft D,… Read more »

A Call for GMs!

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We are now calling for volunteers to help with the SkålCon 2017! But – we are changing things up this year. Rather than selecting individual scenarios at certain times, we are providing a form through which you can volunteer to Run PFS games, SFS games, ACG, or volunteer at the HQ. The offerings this year will be limited to all… Read more »

SkålCon Registration Is Open!

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That’s right, registration for SkålCon 2017 is open! Click on over to our, login or create an account, and register for the SkålCon 2017 event! At the registration site you’ll find our current schedule of tables, including premium guest events, the area’s premiere for Starfinder Society, and the season 9 interactive special. Fundraising At SkålCon Our goal is the same as last… Read more »